My Code

I’m a product engineer from Brisbane, Australia. I work with code :)

As a senior developer and project lead, I’ve been involved in all areas of development, from conception and architecture planning, through to deployment and code review.

I’m always exploring new and more efficient ways of developing architectures that can be used by teams for scaling projects (and automating anything I can along the way).

Specialties: Objective-C (all things iOS), Web Development, Mobile Development, iPhone/iPad Development, .NET (C#), SQL Server, ASP.NET Identity, MVC and Web API, PHP, MySQL, Javascript (Jquery/Ajax)


Hit me up on email anytime at: msiedle at gmail dot com. Or, if I know you, connect via LinkedIn.

My resume is available here. My thoughts on iOS are here. My latest rant is here.

*** I’ve started a new blog called TheBigMoosey (because I prefer Jekyll). Enjoy :)